Pioneer XDJ Aero – Dj Controller

So here's something interesting I discovered tonight! I never thought I would be pro Dj Controllers, until this new innovative product by Pioneer, the XDJ-AERO – wireless dj system! I am truly impressed and will be investing this very soon! In my opinion, you will be seeing this device popping up all over, it make a lot of sense putting this unit down in your dj box if you don't need more than 2 devices simultaneously! Pioneer have made it easy with this product, no need to play from your pc, although you can should you want to. You can wirelessly connect your smart phone / tablet to the controller and play tracks from your devices (max 4). You get Rekordbox, Pioneer's music management software for your pc, standard with the device so you can load your set into rekordbox, onto the flash and connect the flash to the controller and have full dj functionality i.e pitch bend, bpm adjust, effects and MUCH more! Rekordbox is much more than just a piece of software for you to load tracks into. It gives you track info such as bpm, key, wave forms and much more. Using rekordbox with a compatible CDJ, you can create set and store points on tracks for cueing, looping and hot cueing. What's more, you can record your set straight onto the rekordbox flash drive in .wav format and play back when you get home! Very nice for if you like to analyze your sets or make a memorable set available to your followers after a cracking party! Slim design, GREAT looking device that offers you so much! I like the fact that the built in mixer can be used as a independent 2 channel mixer should you wish to connect external cdj's or turntables! Provided the wireless streaming of the tracks on your smart devices to the controller has some sort of buffering function (in case the connection drops), and the hardware offers a realtime “touch and go” experience, i'd be happy to invest in something like this! Can't wait for it to hit SA shores!! Feel free to LIKE this post or share by hitting any of your applicable social network buttons to the left of this blog! Thanks for taking the time to read this! Comments are welcome 🙂 

See this link for full details on this amazing Dj Controller: Pioneer XDJ-Aero (Wireless Dj System)





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