The Power of Music:

Things progress as time goes by, and over the years I realised that more & more people want to do something different for their special event. Albeit your wedding, a prize giving, a corporate presentation, performance intro, and so on. You have so many things you can do different, like selecting a mind blowing venue with amazing decor and ambiance that will leave your guests talking about it for months on end! Very few people however realise the impact of the right sound / sounds, at the right time during an event, and more importantly, the right selection and flow of music. If you truly want to add a special touch to your already awesome do – think of the music and what it can do for you. This is where we come in 🙂  

We can assist you with just about any Custom Recordings to add to your event. Here are some examples of what we can do for you:

    1. Wedding – opening dance: We can custom mix your favourite 4/5/6/7 songs into the perfect mix for your opening dance. Studio quality ready for you to take to the dance instructor and learn every move on ever beat, mixed flawlessly to help you and your newly wed partner look and sound good! There is nothing worse than playing back a medley mix at a wedding that is badly recorded and has no flow elements to it.
    2. Prize givings & Presentations – whether its your year end sales conference or a business presentation, we can prepare custom tracks / mixes & recordings specific to your requirements so you can not only look good with the mic and presentation pointer, but also sound spectacular! Send us your presentation, tell us what you would like to achieve, and we will take care of the rest!
    3. Consulting Rooms – we were approached a few years ago by a health and nutrition specialist that asked us to put together a series of compilations that would help their clients relax in the waiting room before they see the respective consultants. Her reasoning was that we live such rushed, hectic & stressed lifestyles, that she wants to create a few mins gap for her clients to sit and relax before she sees them. The compilations we put together helps with exactly that – when you are relaxed, you take in more information and execute that information properly.
    4. In Store – music has an impact on how we shop & how much we spend. If your music selection, sound quality and levels aren't right, you are affecting your turn over negatively. We can advise on all of the above and most importantly, put together the right kind of music that will get your clientele smiling and feeling good from the moment they walk in, to the moment they walk out. 
    5. Custom – Give us your idea / situation / concept, and we will give you creative input on how to pull it off – from stage intro's, including voice overs & sound effects, we have so much experience in so many diverse areas – we can come up with a custom recording for you!  
    Some creative tips:
    Get some recordings of things people say often – when they qualify for a prize at your conference or you want highlight some funnies of the groom at his wedding – these clips can be used to add a personal touch to the evening – THAT creates a spectacular and unforgettable moment. Keep those Whatsapp / iMessage voice recordings – they could come in REALLY handy! To make an event unforgettable, you need to touch people's hearts – whatever you do or want to do, make sure you get personal with your speech / presentation / event. 
    We hope you found the info in this blog useful and inspiring you to add a little something different to your event!
    For a quote, info or to discuss your concept with us, please CONTACT US.