La Bushpa -

La Bushpa

The Bush Lapa Clubbing Experience

Digging back into the archive of pics and clips, I bumped into this – La Bushpa – “The Bush Lapa Clubbing Experience” held on 9 November 2012 at The Herolds Bay Eco Resort also known as the Bush lapa. This was back in the day when my business partner, Gavin, and I had an events company called Universal Avenue Events (UAE). 

We realised there was a need to do something different for the people of the Garden Route and after a few meetings and scouting for the right venue, we had a meeting with the owner of the venue, which agreed it was a great idea to bring something different to the area.  

The Bush Lapa is better known for its amazing line up of mostly big afrikaans SA talents such as Bok van Blerk, Nianel, Robbie Wessels, to mention a few. Situated on route to Oubaai, Herolds Bay, George, Western Cape, South Africa – the venue not only boasts with an amazing bush lapa where their top class events are held, but they also offer a few accommodation suits on site as well as a very popular restaurant and wedding venue called "Down to Earth". Down to Earth restaurant has an amazing backdrop toward the Indian Ocean and you can enjoy a laid back Sunday lunch with the family or enjoy your wedding reception either inside or outside on the sun ridden deck. They serve amazing food, and cater for a variety of occasions! 

Back to La bushpa, we had the privilege of connecting with some of the top local new and not so new Dj talent and the lineup was as follows: 

Dj Sasha


Dj Mickey D


Trixxi T

Forest hair

The Dj lineup was accompanied by awesome local fire dancers and the famous duo dancers, Leanka Laubscher & Une van Zyl which did an AMAZING job throughout the night. We had about 250 through the door that night and although the night was a success, this was UAE's last event – the reason… 

I don’t think there is enough money to be made doing events like this in Garden Route lol! Thank you to everyone that supported the event that night, we love you!! 

Here are some pics and video clips to take you back to this awesome party!

Pic Slider:

  • Dj Sasha @ La Bushpa
    Dj Sasha @ La Bushpa
  • La Bushpa 7
    La Bushpa 7
  • La Bushpa 6
    La Bushpa 6
  • La Bushpa 5
    La Bushpa 5
  • La Bushpa 4
    La Bushpa 4
  • La Bushpa 3
    La Bushpa 3
  • La Bushpa 2
    La Bushpa 2
  • La Bushpa 1
    La Bushpa 1
  • Aflo @ La Bushpa
    Aflo @ La Bushpa
  • Aflo @ La Bushpa
    Aflo @ La Bushpa
  • Trixxi T @ La Bushpa
    Trixxi T @ La Bushpa
  • Forest Hair @ La Bushpa
    Forest Hair @ La Bushpa
  • La Bushpa 8
    La Bushpa 8

Dj Mickey D:



Fire Dancers:






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