Fancourt Corporate Entertainment Trio 

 Man oh man, this was another gig for the books! Second year that we got contracted for the annual ENS corporate event at Fancourt with some of the top entertainment on offer in the Garden Route!  

Opening Night: 2 nights of bliss started off the The All & All's, local 2 duo that can do anything from mellow background music to upbeat covers that gets the dance floor rocking! Followed by local, Dj Mickey D, taking over the dance floor with his sleek and subtle build up of classic dance floor fillers to the latest hits and remixes that kept the dance floor going until closing!

Night 2: Opened by one of SA's top Dj / Producers, Dj Kent SA, he stepped in and jammed a unlike anything I've heard him play before. a humble, quiet man, that knows how to drop big beats did exactly that – he played a brilliant combination mashup mixes of classic party tracks, combined with his signature deep house beats. The highlight of the evening for me was when a group of execs from Mauritius came to me and requested some mauritian music (which I didn't have).. So they brought a phone and asked me to play 2 tracks from it. Fortunately we had an aux cable connected to a DI on stage, and with a bit of reluctance, I agreed to do it… 

Then this happened…


Last year we had the senior execs which was slightly more challenging to get dancing, but this year was 445 of the young execs from across the continent and they partied up a storm! What a privilege it was to be a part of this event! We look forward to being back again next year!

A big thank you to CCPP for a brilliant production – AS ALWAYS, you guys have outdone yourselves!

Here are some pics of the 2 day event:

  • Dj Kent SA
    Dj Kent SA
  • Dj Kent SA 1
    Dj Kent SA 1
  • Dj Kent SA 2
    Dj Kent SA 2
  • The All & All's
    The All & All's
  • The All & All's 1
    The All & All's 1
  • The All & All's 2
    The All & All's 2
  • The All & All's 3
    The All & All's 3
  • The All & All's 4
    The All & All's 4
  • Dj Mickey D
    Dj Mickey D
  • Dj Mickey D 1
    Dj Mickey D 1
  • Dj Mickey D 2
    Dj Mickey D 2

Video clips (we were having some fun with this one ;))