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Turntablism Collection


My Dj career started back in the day when vinyl was a lot more popular than it is today, and vinyl was my thing for many, many years before cdj’s and Dj controllers came into the scene. Thus I have a HUGE passion for vinyl, scratching and everything else related to vinyl, turntablism and turntablists. Whilst scratching around on YouTube (no pun intended lol) the other night, I stumbled onto some great clips and I figured why not give you a collection of some of the best scratch clips I could get my hands on… This collection is a mixture of turntablists competing in the world dj scratch championships, some bedroom bedlams and I blended that with some hot tech combos. I hope you like what I have put together for you! For the love of the original wheels of steel! Enjoy!  



 2014 DMC World Champion winning performance from Mr Switch (UK): (check it out from about 1:30 – then it starts cooking) 

DJ KELTECH SANTA SCRATCH HH: (Old skool, but this guy is talented BIG TIME):

DJ Marquinhos Espinosa RedBull Thre3Style Show Case 2015@DJ Ban Brazil: 

Now for the really HOT stuff 🙂

Skratch Bastid & Chris Karns – “Long Train Runnin” Doobie Brothers routine:


DJ QBert || 2014 DMC NYC Regional || Showcase:

DJ Craze – DJ Routine [inthemix]:


Skratch Bastid, NXWXRK Routine with the Rane TTM57mkII:


DJ B-Stee – 2015 Thre3style US Finals Routine:


DJ Unkut Demonstrates TRAKTOR Native Scratch Technology:


Tech stuff:

Creative Uses of the Remix Decks in a Real Dj Set:

Launchpad VS Turntable – Ah Yeah! (Ravine Mashup) MELBOURNE BOUNCE:


Pioneer DDJ SZ- See how a Real Dj Uses It: