Philip and Simone's Wedding Showstopper

It's not often that I take the initiative and spend creative time to blog about specific weddings, but this is one wedding I certainly find worth the time to do so.. ..and this blog will show & tell you why.. 

I received a call in June / July 2015 from Simone (the bride), and we started chatting about a wedding dj and equipment for their upcoming wedding in November that same year. After about 10mins on the phone, the deal was pretty much sealed, all I still had to do was mail her pricing on the discussed options. After accepting the quote, we made arrangements to connect in September on their next visit to Knysna so we can do a dry run at the venue, as well as discuss all music related items. What unfolded at this point in time was rather mind blowing…

We took a walk to the Thesen Island Maze which is where the ceremony took place. Fortunately we invested in a small portable PA system which came in extremely handy as you don't need electricity to run this small rig. Situated close to the Thesen Island Club House in Knysna, the maze added a really special touch to the initial part of this celebration. During discussions at the Clubhouse, I soon figured out that some guidance was required in order to help streamline things for their big day (all I'm saying is Itinerary Phil LOL :)) Not long after, we got chatting about family and however the discussion was led to this point, I don't know, but it turned out that I know the groom's mom and sister from dealing with them on a IT level, some months ago – it not only blew my mind in that we live in such a small world, but it also gave me a sense of comfort knowing how awesome the family is and that I won't be playing to a crowd of strangers. I mean, what are the chances of the bride googling a wedding dj, got a hold of me, and it turns out that I know their family! 

Truth be told that the bridal couple soon realised the importance of a crucial document to structure their big day – so I offered to share our wedding itinerary with them so they can get an idea of what to put together. As we approached the big day, I slowly started getting more and more calls from the bridal couple with some thoughts / questions / comments on various aspects of their wedding day. As usual, I started hammering on the fact that I need the music list and itinerary well in advance in order to do my prep.

Low and behold, I receive it about 3 days before the wedding LOOOOL! If you know me at all, I am extremely particular about my well planned preparation for a wedding – everything is planned to perfection, all music is categorised and playlisted on multiple devices from formality music, to canape / dinner and dance – everything I prepare for a wedding has a backup on another device. I have had laptops and controllers fail on me live during a set and I always have a backup to make sure the music keeps on going! The day arrives and myself and my trainee, Meno, arrive to set up.

Everything working, surprise performance rehearsals went smooth and we were ready to rock and roll! The cool thing about their wedding is that there were only 46 guests which made it so intimate and awesome!

Groom arrived in a black vintage long coat suit with a top hat looking so slick! The bride arrived in a vintage S-Type Jaguar – CLASSIC vintage style arrival to compliment a black & white themed Vintage wedding. The bride kinda reminded me of Amy Winehouse, and she looked STUNNING!

Over to the reception, we welcomed the newlyweds with their entrance song, and after the MC did the welcoming and house rules, we were onto the first surprise of the evening… The groom's sister (Nikki), prepared a special 4 track Flamenco Dance for the guests and bridal couple – I can sum it up like this: 

It started dramatic and ended up SUPER up beat and full of funk! check out the video clip below of her performances: 

The entire night went so smooth, the vibe was awesome, the guests were having a great time – the food was amazing, it really was so perfect!

The couple stepped up to the plate unlike anything I have ever seen before, by opening the dancefloor with a TANGO!!!! Well rehersed and incredibly well executed, this was the second surprise of the evening, and the best was yet to come..


AND THEN came the big surprise that truly knocked me off my feet!

During the speeches I discovered that the groom is incredibly talented – he sings, he dances, he plays musical instruments to the point where he can copy a song after listening to it for a few seconds only.. He has a radio voice that supersedes Alex Jay (no offence Alex lol) by miles and he is incredibly intelligent! As if that's not enough, the final (and the BANGER) of the evening was another surprise dance…. See the video clip below and you will see what I mean!   

Personally, the crux of what I experienced here is a couple that had no idea they needed an itinerary – went from that to drawing up a DETAILED document and a list of music that absolutely tied their wedding proceedings together so beautifully, it couldn't have been more perfect! Along with the surprise performances, I certainly think this was not only a wedding, but a showstopper that I will remember for as long as I live! 

Well done guys! I applaud you and wish you all the love and blessings on your journey in marriage. May it go from strength to strength! God bless!  

Here are some pics of their awesome celebration: