The all new Mixars Duo Dj / Scratch Dj mixer is Serato’s latest hardware addition – Serato​ is the first software partner to come on board with hardware manufacturer, dB Technologies (They are part of the RCF group). At first glance, I was quick to judge and crit in a somewhat negative and positive manner. So I started snapping away at some keys on my Mac looking for more info on the interweb 😛

Features Source: Serato 

Hardware Features Include:

  • Serato DJ + DVS Enabled. Plug-and-play with Serato DJ and using turntables/CDJs with Serato Control Vinyl/CDs.
  • Integrated 24-bit/48kHz high quality audio interface.
  • Mini-innofader for precise cuts.
  • 8 RGB rubber performance pads for control of Cues and Samples as well as a unique switch for quick swapping between modes.
  • Dedicated Sampler volume control.
  • Control for Serato DJ FX and Looping.
  • Built in USB HUB to power third party USB devices.
  • MIC input with tone adjustment (Combo Input).
  • Easy accessible AUX input.
  • Analog High/Low-Pass filter on each channel.
  • USB 2.0 high speed class compliant audio and MIDI USB ports.
  • Fully assignable MIDI functionality via USB can transmit most control information to external devices and can also be used as a MIDI controller.
  • When using Serato DJ, FX are post-fader.
  • Unique crossfader cut-in control.

A few observations off the batt from my side (not having touched or physically seen

1. The mixer looks almost identical to the Native Instruments Traktor Kontrol Z2 mixer?????

2. 10 out of 10 for adding 2 x onboard powered USB ports to the mixer for external 3rd party controllers and MIDI controllers!!! 

3. 2 “+ 2” channel mixers seem to be the trend these days, and what makes this mixer really interesting is the fact that you can assign most control functionality of Serato to external USB devices, as well as MIDI functionality to external MIDI devices.

4. The fact that you can use Serato Supported devices also means you don’t need to purchase the Serato DVS Expansion Pack, the mixer is already Serato Dj and DVS enabled

I would love to know what the quality of the faders and filter knobs are like.. 

I have mixed emotions about this one, but it certainly sparked a HUGE amount of interest personally! I would love to take her for a test drive and see how she bacons my beats! If 2 channels are not enough for you, they have a 4 channel option available called the .MXR-4

Prior to stumbling onto a clip of the Mixars Duo Mixer earlier today, I have NEVER heard of them before, yet they have some interesting products in their range. One of which is a Dj Scratch turntable, which happens to be the only turntable in the world with dual RCA outputs. Check out the Mixars LTA Player

Connect with the team at Mixars on Facebook, they seem to be getting up to some interesting things there 😉 





On my journey of discovery and researching more about the Mixar Duo Dj Mixer…. …. I stumbled onto this clip…. …. 2 Dj’s battling it out on ONE deck and TWO mixers… Check this out!