Custom Wedding Dance Recordings


Looking to do something different for your Wedding Opening Dance? 

Many bridal couples love to bring something new and interesting to their BIG DAY! Some of these items com in the form of unique decor, dress code and so many other things, BUT the thing that most couples love doing these days, is CUSTOM remixed song for their first dance.

We offer a special service where we can fullfill any of your song remix requirements! It is incredibly affordable, fairly quick (depending on your requirements), and we can supply this to you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!

We can take your favourite parts of certain songs, elbeit 2,3,4,5,6 or more bits and blend it all together. We can also take one song and do fade-in, and fade-out on specific times for you. 

We can add sound effects, recorded voices and pretty much anything you can imagine, we can do for you!

Simply click here – CUSTOM RECORDING – to read more on this topic, or CONTACT US to chat about your special requirements and ideas for an amazing and fun filled first dance at your wedding!

Here are examples of what we have done for some of our clients:
M and M – this is a mix up of a few of their personal favourites, blended with a twist of sound effects and some crazy fun.

Friends are quiet Angels – We have shortened this song for a client to match the exact walk down the isle by the Brides Maids, and then did fade-out to perfection for it to flow into the Wedding March.