Knysna Oyster Festival 2016 – Water Points

Every year we have the privilege of providing the full Dj Soltion to each Water Point at the various Races, and family rides at the Annual Pick n Pay Knysna Oyster Festival. 2016 was no exception to the previous years as Momentum came along as major sponsor for these events!

As much as some of the participants took a beating as they came past the water points, we cannot help but to salute each and every one of them for making the effort to take part. For some, it was serious busienss, for others, a fitness challenge and for the rest, a merry get along with close friends and family.

Either way, the Races were enjoyed by all – we had the pleasure of beefing up the water points with uplifting beats and some participants came running / walking and riding past with smiles as they fist pump into the distance on route to the finish line!

It was a magnificent experience to once again be a part of this SPECTACULAR event! Thank you to all involved, we will see you all next year!

God Bless!

Team MixAcademy 

Here are some pics and video clips taken by Mickey and Dj Nukes: 


Forest Marathon: