Create Your Own Wedding Music Playlist

We have found a FANTASTIC and AWESOME way for you to create your own Wedding Music Playlist – once you have journeyd through the magical world of songs and sounds, and you have created your spectacular playlist for your big day, you can share it with us so we can prep everything off line.

This option is really easy and its FREE! What’s more, you can enjoy the app and continue using it for building your own selection of music to relax to, braai to, party to, or simply soothing tunes for your listening pleasure in your car on the way to work.

The possibilities are endless, the process simple, the results – PERFECT!

So let’s start by getting you set up and show you exactly what you need to do — step by step:


  1. Go to DEEZER.COM and sign up for a FREE account (login screen shot above)  – by either submitting: your e-mail address and password, or login in using Facebook / Google+ (follow info / prompts on screen)
  2. Once you are logged in, select Playlist on the left hand (side banner) of your screen.
  4. A side window will pop out – select the “Create a Playlist” option at the very top.
  5. Give it a name – i.e. Our Wedding Playlist / Mike and Maria Wedding Music, etc.
  7. Add a description if you want (this is optional)
  8. Add a pic of the 2 of you, or any other pic you prefer (this is also optional)
  9. Once you have created your playlist, it should be empty, and look something like the pic below
  11. NEXT STEP – Download the App on your smartphone / tablet 
  12. for iTunes (iPhone, iPad, iPod) – Click HERE to download from iTunes
  13. for Android – Click HERE to download from Google Play Store.
  14. Use the same login details for the App on your smart device, exactly as you entered when you registered on the Deezer Website.
  15. TO ADD MUSIC: On the Deezer website, or on the App – you can search and song, artist or album name and it will display search results. From there you can add the song to your playlist
  16. You can get your partner and guests to install the app and participate in adding music to this playlist. 
  17. Once completed, you can send your playlist back to us by simply clicking the share button – you can either mail the link to us, or whatspapp / text it to us as well.
  18. As we are registered with Deezer, we will get imediate access to your playlist and can start working on your music by categorising it in your offline folder (we will never stream music live during any performance) 

Here’s an example of what our general Wedding Playlist looks like – click HERE

If you need assistance with setting up or if we can help make the process of choosing your own Wedding Music Playlist any easier , please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US!